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At Hunter Nursing  we depend on the expertise and professionalism of our staff. Consequently, we seek to support our nurses in every possible way. At Hunter Nursing you are not just another employee – although we are big enough to provide you with flexible and diverse work options.

Some of the benefits of Hunter Nursing:

  • Flexible working hours, true work/life balance
  • Flexible locations – work close to home
  • Variety of work
  • Provision of Hunter Nursing shirts and compendium
  • Provision of trade tools for Community Nurses
  • Comprehensive paid orientation for all new staff in manual handling, CPR, Fire safety, and Hunter Nursing  policies & procedures
  • Annual paid re-competencies in manual handling, CPR and fire safety
  • Access to ongoing education (such as catheter, wound and continence management courses for community nurses and access to hospital education programs for hospital relief staff).
  • Promotional and further development opportunities in clinical assessment, review and coordination
  • Work never in short supply! Reliable income
  • Fully covered for Workers Compensation, Public Indemnity Insurance and Professional Negligence

Follow the links below for a list of our latest job openings.

Hunter Nursing is currently advertising for RN/EN/EEN or AIN positions please feel free to fill out a job application and we'll be in touch. Application for Employment


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